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TIME: 2:30AM

TIME: 7:30pm
LOCATION: THE M BAR (after Eastin Hotel PJ, Phileo Damansara 1)
No Cover Charge
No Membership Fee
RM30 NETT per jug RM 60 Nett per tower or coke/sprite!

TIME: 2:30AM

EPL Match Report: Liverpool 1 vs Everton

Cool Torres steers Liverpool towards fourth

Kevin McCarra at Anfield
Monday March 31, 2008
The Guardian

Liverpool yearn for the keys to the penthouse but their ow n residence three floors below is coveted fiercely by most of the Premier League's occupants. Everton, comfortably beaten in everything other than the tally of goals, lack the means to achieve the high life. With a five-point lead over their neighbours, Rafael Benítez's squad has more or less clinched a place in next season's Champions League, or at least the qualifying rounds, before it starts this week's quarter-final, with Arsenal, on Wednesday.

When it comes to frustrated ambition, Everton have the most intriguing case history in recent times. Just three years ago they finished fourth in the table, immediately above Liverpool. Since then the Goodison manager, David Moyes, has improved the calibre of his squad, only to discover to his frustration that the Anfield club is pulling away from him.

That sort of daunting realisation is not unique to the Scot. The Premier League is a place of severe distinctions nowadays. Last weekend, Liverpool themselves were beaten 3-0 with scornful ease at Old Trafford. To take the title, if Manchester United are any guide, it now appears that a profusion of talent in the team, on the bench and sometimes left to watch from the stands is going to be required.

While Liverpool are not equipped to that degree, they have been able to retain Steven Gerrard, who has twice been on the verge of leaving for Chelsea, and to attract the £26.5m Fernando Torres. The

Spaniard scored his 21st Premier League goal of the campaign, with 19 of them recorded at Anfield, to settle this derby. Gallingly for Everton, it was overwhelmingly avoidable.

With seven minutes gone, Yakubu Ayegbeni went back towards his own penalty area. It is always debatable whether this readiness to help out the back four should be a cause of fear or gratitude among defenders. On this occasion, the Nigerian was a liability and was
robbed of the ball by Xabi Alonso. Possession moved from Dirk Kuyt to Torres, with the striker staying calm to slip a shot past Tim Howard.

"I think I have scored 15 out of the 19 goals in front of the Kop," he said. "I can't explain it but I'm always confident when I am facing that end of the pitch." It was, though, Gerrard who dominated the game and it is verve of his sort that makes the Premier League so marketable and thrilling. He was also the object of ugly chants from unappreciative Everton fans. "I am really pleased for some players because I didn't like what I heard at some times," said Benítez. "It's a lack of respect."

Gerrard was not distracted. Moments before half-time, a spectacular ball from him to the back post would have been cherished as it deserved had the move not concluded with a scruffy effort from Kuyt. The lack of a second goal had irksome consequences for Benítez. With the match in the balance, he could not take off Gerrard or Torres until it was nearly over. Instead of a rest, they at least had the restorative power of ovations from the crowd.

Everton once more displayed the traits that make them admirable. They are tenacious and Moyes, altering his personnel and tweaking the tactics as the afternoon proceeded, stopped his side from being belaboured by Liverpool. They even occupied territory, but there was not the refinement or sharpness to bring a proper save out of José Reina. The nearest Everton came was a burst inside the box from Yakubu, after 61 minutes, that was halted by a perfect tackle from Sami Hyypia.

Liverpool went through a period this season when leads were not protected so efficiently. "We should have been further ahead by half-time," said Benítez. "We missed a lot of chances and with the experience we've had this year I was concerned that Everton would score."

That menace existed largely in the manager's imagination. By challenging with more purpose and order, Everton mainly ensured that the match would get tedious. Liverpool sized up the situation and concentrated on barricading any avenues down which Everton tried to progress. Spectators had to make do with savouring the occasional memory of the time when there had been more gusto to the play.

Gerrard, for instance, had been exciting when he stepped on to a Torres knock-down and, from the fringes of the area, struck the post a few minutes before half-time. Perhaps, despite the dourness that eventually descended, a more exhilarating Liverpool will emerge in time to come, but no one expects to catch a glimpse of it at the Emirates this week.

Torres (6')

Liverpool :
Jose Manuel Reina, Jamie Carragher, Sami Hyypia, Martin Skrtel, Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard (Peter Crouch , 93 ), Lucas Leiva, John Arne Riise, Ryan Babel (Yossi Benayoun , 82 ), Dirk Kuyt, Fernando Torres (Jermaine Pennant , 90 )

Tim Howard, Tony Hibbert, Joleon Lescott, Phil Neville (Leighton Baines , 62 ), Joseph Yobo, Mikel Arteta, Lee Carsley, Phil Jagielka, Leon Osman, Steven Pienaar (Henriques Manuel Fernandes , 72 ), Ayegbeni Yakubu

Howard Webb



Man of the match:
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

Liverpool - 11
Everton - 4

Goal Attempts:
Liverpool - 14
Everton - 3

On Target:
Liverpool - 8
Everton - 2









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A Marriage Come UNDONE: The full transcript of George Gillett's interview

George Gillett Jr reveals in a radio interview with radio station Fan590 in Canada that his relationship with Tom Hicks, his partner and co-owner of Liverpool, has completely broken down.

Nick Szczepanik From Times Online March 28, 2008

For the radio interview, please go to

Interviewer: Where are you now in terms of Liverpool?

George Gillett: (sigh). Oh boy. I think we're at that point where there are things going on, there are pieces on the chessboard being moved, or being contemplated being moved, that I think it would not be helpful for us or the club to comment on. Suffice it to say, however, that our goal from the beginning was to try to be supportive and add to the lustre of this magnificent, storied franchise, and what has happened this year has not done that. We certainly haven't done it on the pitch yet, although we're playing well in the Champions League, but we've had a marginally good year in the Premiership [sic]. Our loss to Man U [sic] last weekend at 3-0 was a heartbreaker because we played them at 11 on 10 because we had Mascherano thrown off for - it's unclear as to what happened, but clearly they sent a referee in with a no-tolerance programme and we apparently made the wrong comment to the new tough referee at the wrong time, and you just can't - It's tough enough to play Man U 11 on 11.

So I think we're at a point now where we want to finish the season out, we want to finish it strongly, play well in the Champions League, Foster and I are going to be going over to the Arsenal game next week, and we've just decided that this is an extraordinary time and we're going to enjoy it, and we're going to be there, and, by God, we're going to try and be a positive influence on this process.

I: How tough has some of the hostility directed at the owners been?

GG: You know, we get, or we have gotten, as many as 2,000 emails a week here, and I would say that 95 per cent of them have been directed at some of the comments made by my partner, and five per cent, have been frankly aimed at both of us - saying, you know, 'Go home, Americans' - but for the most part, as recently as today, we've gotten 25 emails, and I've had conversations with fans who represent important blog sites and so forth, and thay are inviting me to come to the famous pubs, be their guest, see how they sing the songs, or get ready to sing the songs, and there is none of the hostility or animosity that, it is felt, seems to have been directed at others within the ownership group.

I must say, however, that the most difficult part for us has been that, because of the things that have been said that have upset and angered the fans as much towards one or both of us, the fact is that the thing that angers them the most is the prospect that I might sell even one share of stock to my partner. They do not want him to have controlling interest in this club. They don't even want him to have any ownership in the club based on what they're saying and sending to me. So as a result of that, and it has been very difficult for my wife, with the amount that I travel, we have received many phone calls in the middle of the night, threatening us, our lives - death threats. A number of them have come into the office, and Foster and Lauren, my son and daughter-in-law, have received a number of them themselves.
We're very private people, but my phone number is in the phone book. I'm not shy, and if I make a mistake, I'm prepared to take the hit for it. But the private phone numbers, the cellphone number and so forth are apparently on some blog sites and we have received a number of calls. And again, it's interesting - the calls are not against my wife or myself or my son or my daughter-in-law as much as they are against us selling to my partner. So we're rethinking that. Frankly I don't think it's fair for me to put my family in that kind of danger, so instead of thinking about selling, I don't know - maybe we'll think about buying.

I: Bluntly, has this partnership with Mr Hicks become unworkable?

GG: Oh, it has been for some time. But not because of us. We have tried to be co-operative, we have tried to be supportive, but when your public persona is more important than the facts, that makes it very difficult to have a rational relationship.

I: So what is the exit strategy, or the entry strategy, if you will? Is it feasible to buy Hicks out, or more of a wish?

GG: It's hard to say until you put something in writing or you put the money in the bank. That's a speculative answer, any answer I give you. But what I would say is this. We were very fair. We gave our partner a long period of time to try and make the arrangements to buy us out. We didn't put pressure on him, we could not have been a better partner, and he ultimately didn't get to the finish line. In the meantime, because of things he said, the fans' reaction has been so negative towards him, and towards us if we sold to him, that that has now made that an untenable alternative for us.

I: To be clear - the Dubai interest was with you, and he effectively blocked that possibility for you. Is that accurate?

GG: Well, that's another one of the points. (Laughs)

I: Is it accurate, though?

GG: He threatened to.

I: And do you think that deal could have and would have gone ahead?

GG: I think that's certainly one of the things that made the fans upset. Lord knows, they have the money and with oil prices going up every day that's not an issue, and they certainly have the history and their fans. And I think they would have been very responsible owners, so I guess not making that possible, or making that difficult, again didn't endear people to the fans. So as you are saying, there's an awful lot going on here, and much too complicated for me to try and handicap, but what I know is that the fans and the great fabled history of this club deserve better, and we're going to do everything we can to try to provide that, in whatever role we play.

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EPL Post Match Report: Manchester United 3 VS Liverpool 0 - by Albertus Lim and Jon Wong

There is always one moment in every season when, for the team that is going to finish as champions, everything clicks, the worrying stops, all the hard work comes together and everyone knows it is going to be a year to remember.

Before we even go on to speak about our defeat at the hands of the hated Mancs, a big shout out to our sponsors BeDigital who have helped spread the word of Malaysian RED and WHITE KOPites to all over the Klang Valley. We also had visitors from Singapore (Lai and guys great of you to join us in our festivities). Also last but not least Danny, our lad from Liverpool.

Welcome to Malaysia!

Manchester United had already made a convincing case for being the superior team by the time Mascherano paid the price for his dissent. The gulf in class then became wide enough to resemble an embarrassment for Benítez, his players and everyone associated with Liverpool, not least those supporters who were plunged into such a state of shock even their final chorus of "You'll never walk alone" was cut short.

What was obvious in Sundays game was that we were outplayed a lot of the time, even with 11 men. We had our moments in the 2nd half but somehow, everyone chose Sunday to have an off day on the pitch.

Torres was locked out of the game but there is to be no excuse for Steven Gerrard to misplace passes and make bad decisions with the ball in possession. The players we have, still lack flair and creativity as I've often argued. When we play teams that park buses in front of their goal or purely tactical teams, many a times we cannot penetrate and score the goal that counts.

That much I would agree.

But to have to read through all that shite that has been spewing and will spew forth is totally *&!^&#%^!#*^#!. I don't even have the words to describe my feelings.

Don't even get me started on the 1st 2 goals and the Man of the Match, Mr Bennett.

As much as Mascherano deserved to be cautioned for being in the ref's face, he did so only to ask why Torres was booked instead of Scholes who hacked him down. Torres received no protection at all while Sir Alex Ferguson moaning about his pet Cristiano Ronaldo not getting protection from tackles were drawing free kicks all over the place.

Liverpool were dismantled from A to Z, losing to Wes Brown's first goal in almost three years, Cristiano Ronaldo's 34th of the season and a scorching effort from Nani.

The ref also failed to understand and take in the scale of the game and the passion that flows within it when fierce, eternal rivals meet. Tackles will fly and players will fooking curse but the scum was getting cautions for their transgressions while our 1st offences were punished by either cards or freekicks in dangerous positions.

The referee did let himself down but that was later in the game when, in quick succession, Fernando Torres left Nemanja Vidic on the floor and Alvaro Arbeloa brought down Ryan Giggs. Both Liverpool players had already been booked but Bennett appeared to lose his nerve.

Liverpool needed all the help they could get because, at times, they were abject. The frenetic pace of these matches always ensures a higher number of misplaced passes than usual but, even so, Benítez will be alarmed by his team's inability to keep possession and, when they did have the ball, there was a lack of gumption or wit to do anything with it.

It was bewildering, for example, to see Steven Gerrard misdirecting so many passes. Sadly for the manager, the same cannot be said of some of Gerrard's team-mates as they disappeared to the edges. It says everything about United's dominance, with Wayne Rooney at the hub of just about everything, that Edwin van der Sar managed to go the entire game without getting a single scuff of mud on his shorts.

Mark Lee is right and Rafa said it best. Heads up my friends! Walk on.

How the managers compared


Sir Alex Ferguson Opted for the most experienced line-up at his disposal and, although hindered by a back problem, Rio Ferdinand's return was a no-brainer given his record against Liverpool

Rafael Benítez With only midweek internationals to fret over, and his team in fine form, starting with the side that defeated Reading was a natural choice


Ferguson The plan to stifle Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres worked to perfection

Benítez Had no reason to alter the tactics that had brought seven successive victories but the weaknesses of the system were exposed as his main assets were left isolated

Brown ( 34' ) , Ronaldo ( 79' ) , Nani ( 81' )

Manchester United:
Edwin Van der Sar, Wes Brown, Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Luis de Abreu Anderson (Carlos Tevez , 73 ), Michael Carrick, Ryan Giggs (Luis Carlos Nani , 73 ), Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney

Liverpool :
Jose Manuel Reina, Alvaro Arbeloa, Fabio Aurelio, Jamie Carragher, Martin Skrtel, Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard, Javier Mascherano, Ryan Babel (Yossi Benayoun , 66 ), Dirk Kuyt, Fernando Torres (John Arne Riise , 83 )

Steve Bennett

Old Trafford


Man of the match:
Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

Manchester United - 2
Liverpool - 4

Goal Attempts:
Manchester United - 23
Liverpool - 8

On Target:
Manchester United - 16
Liverpool - 4

Manchester United: Ferdinand ( 60 )
Liverpool: Mascherano ( 11 ) , Mascherano ( 44 ) , Torres ( 44 ) , Arbeloa ( 53 )

What Rafael Benitez said at half time in 2005 UCL Final: Liverpool VS AC Milan

"Don't let your heads drop. All the players who go on the pitch after half-time have to keep their heads held high.

We are Liverpool. You are playing for Liverpool. Do not forget that.

You have to hold your heads high for the supporters. You have to do it for them. You cannot call yourselves Liverpool players if you have your heads down.

If we create a few chances we have the possibility of getting back into this. Believe you can do it and you will.

Give yourself the chance to be heroes."

Rafa Benitez – Half time. Ataturk Stadium- Istanbul, Turkey.
Champions League 2005 Final Liverpool FC VS AC Milan: Full Time 3-3 Penalties: 4-2
25th May 2005


Some of you may have seen us all over Kuala Lumpur and in most parts of Selangor. We are pleased to announce that we are indeed all over the Klang Valley to reach out to all you Liverpool FC supporters out there! This is for you for all you KOPites, who wants to know news, transfer, post match and quotes on Liverpool Football Club.
We can be viewed at these locations at TV screens provided by the people from BeDigital (the experts of broadcast multimedia and dynamic digital

1. Original Kayu Nasi Kandar– 4 outlets (Kota Damansara, SS2, Aman Suria, Bukit Tinggi)
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4. Devi’s Corner – 2 outlets (TTDI, Hartamas)
5. Bestari Nasi Kandar- 2 outlets (Plaza Damas, Damansara Intan)

The outlets coming VERY soon:

1. My Spicy Corner – 1 outlet (Sungei Way)
2. Bestari Nasi Kandar – 2 outlets (Kelana Parkview, Mont Kiara Solaris)
3. Buharry – 1 outlet (Heritage Row)
4. Restoran Nasi Kandar Kampong Pandan – 1 outlet (Kampung Pandan)

So if your'e out there sipping coffee or having a roti canai or nasi kandar, catch us on all these locations listed above for your news on Liverpool FC.

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Manchester United FC VS Liverpool FC Teaser

The BIG REDs GAME THIS WEEKEND! Manchester United FC vs Liverpool FC. All to play for in the EPL and all of MyRAWK (Malaysian RED and WHITE KOPites) will be there at the M Bar this SUNDAY March 23 @ 8:30PM.

We will be giving out free gifts and prizes from Carlsberg & Bacardi to all LFC supporters!


Come on to M Bar (after Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya-Phileo Damansara 1)
No Cover Charge
No Membership Fee
RM30 nett per JUG, RM60 per Tower (2 jugs) or just join for a Coke/Pepsi or 7UP/Sprite

Note: A Big Thank You To Our Sponsors: Carlsberg Malaysia, Bacardi Malaysia and Channel Malaysia

See you at the BIG GAME!



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Liverpool Supporters Union: SONS of SHANKLY

We stand with our brothers in ANFIELD! YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE! For more information go to

Petition to get Tom Hicks out of Liverpool FC

The petition to get Tom Hicks out of Liverpool FC is now standing at just under 5000 signatures in the first week of it going online.

The aim of this petition is to get as many LFC fans as possible to show their dislike for Tom Hicks to get him out of Liverpool Football Club. Once we have a decent amount of signatures, I will forward the link by email and print off the petition and send it by post to as many people connected to the Club as possible, and hopefully Hicks himself.

Hicks has today terminated talks with DIC about them buying George Gillett's stake in the club, thinking that he has the expertise to take the club forward. Hicks and Gillett claimed they would not refinance the club 'Glazer style' refering to the owners, but have since piled debt on the club. They also went behind Rafa's back to try and get Jurgen Klinsmann in as manager.

Protests have been taking place at Anfield after matches, its obvious Hicks is no longer wanted at the helm. Sign the petition, tell your friends, get as many people as possible to sign so we can try and get this liar out of our club.

To go to the site, please go to:


EPL Match Report: Liverpool 2 vs Reading 1, By Will Tan

The beginning of a new era – the era of the new Crown Prince of Anfield

RAFA retained his favoured 4-2-3-1 formation that has served the team so well in the recent unbeaten run of 6 matches and the only changes were Arbeloa for Hyypia in defence with Carragher and Skrtel in the middle. Arbeloa and Aurelio were tasked with the job of patrolling the sides. Xabi, the new proud dad, was restored in the middle of the park in place of Lucas and sat in front of the defence along side Mascherano whilst Babel and Kuyt was out wide. Gerrard and Torres was retained at the front and the crowd at Anfield was holding their breathe for the GT show.

Reading won the toss for the kick-off and opted to attack the Anfield Road end instead, a phychological ploy as every team in EPL knows that Liverpool prefers to attack the KOP end in the second half. Presumably, this psychological ploy might have worked as we started poorly and our passing was of our usual sub-standards; wayward and crucially, we looked like we playing Barnsley!

On the 5th minute, the referee of the day, Mr. Andre Marriner made the first of mistakes in the match, in awarding a freekick to Reading penalizing Arbeloa who had made a brilliant tackle to dispose Long. Replays showed that Arbeloa was spot on with his claim although it was to no avail. The Liverpool defence had anticipated a long pun into the penalty box but in the end it was driven a cross the penalty box for Matejovsky to hit a brilliant first timed half-volley that sailed across to Pepe’s right leaving him with no chance whatsoever to save it. In truth, it was a brilliantly executed free kick which left Pepe standing and had hardly moved as the ball nestled into goal. The Anfield crowd had been stunned but was not broken knowing that the team in red had plenty of time to get back into the match.

It was all Reading in the next 10 to 15 minutes, taking over the midfield as their confidence grew and the Liverpool players had a spell of misplaced and wayward passing. Slowly but surely Liverpool clawed back into the match with Alonso trying his hand at the goal from just outside the penalty box and it sailed agonizingly millimeters wide of Hahnemann’s left post.

Shortly afterwards, the GT combo showed glimpses of it brilliance again when Gerrard made a telling through pass to his partner in crime, Torres who bore down on Hahnemann’s goal only to have the Reading keeper beat him to it by hundredths of a second. It would have been a different story had Torres had been fresher and rotated and not played in San Siro against Inter last week.

By then on 19th minute, Liverpool were in control of the midfield and Reading rarely threatened the Liverpool defence. But Babel, who had been penetrative on the left side of the attack, fed the ball to Mascherano in the middle of the park, just outside the penalty and he cleverly worked his way past Hunt and blasted a rocket shot to Hahnemann’s left giving the keeper no chance in the Reading goal. It was Mascherano’s first goal and it came in front of the adoring Kop and the Anfield stadium went wild celebrating this gem of a goal from their beloved Monster Masche!! So did all his Liverpool team mates. It was no less than what the lad deserved after his Monster performances in the red shirt since his move from Upton Park.

Rafa's 4-2-3-1 was now in full motion. Hahnemann had to be on his best to prevent a second when Ryan Babel sneaked past two defenders and smashed the ball on target goalwards. There was little backlift that would suggest Babel’s shot would sting the Reading keeper’s hand until it cannoned off Hahnemann’s hands into safety. Babel surely is a gem waiting to be cut into the perfect player for the GT combo given time to mature – probably for next season.

Babel then had a goal chalked off for offside in one of our more effective attacks from the right – a thunderbolt of a diving header but it was a correct decision by the linesman as Babel had been a fraction of a second too slow to react to the Reading defenders moving out.

Three minutes after the restart, Babel earned a free kick about 35 yards outside Hahnemann’s goal and our skipper chipped in a beautifully weighted cross into the penalty box and Hahnemann opted to stay on his line but his defenders hesitated and provided Torres with a free header which was duly accepted for his twentieth (20th) league goal and it was 2-1 to the home team. Torres header was headed with full confidence of a striker on form and he headed it magnificiently across Hahnemann’s right and was dutifully beaten by the pace of Torres’s header. The era of the new crown prince of Anfield, Mr. Torres has just begun …… hopefully with many more goals to come from a the humble Spaniard who is just 23 years old but already with vast international experience and a bag full of tricks and pace which scares the hell out of opposition defenders.

Tackles were starting to fly all over the pitch and frustration were boiling all over as Reading players had trouble keeping up the pace of the match. When Long was subbed by Dave Kitson, the former duly threw his shirt to the ground in front of the manager and was rightfully cautioned by Coppell as a mark of disrespect for the club.

Shortly after Kitson came on, he had a paper thin claim for a penalty after Carragher out muscled him with the ball slowly rolling towards goal before Reina picked it up. Had the claim been given by ref, Andre Marriner it would have been as frivolous as the one awarded against us in the Chelsea match.

There were several half chances created thereafter but the Reading defence, with some luck managed to clear the ball to safety for throw-ins or corner kicks. Frustration began to take its toll on the visitors’ players and Bikey who was lucky to have not been yellow carded earlier, was finally given one for pulling Gerrard down as he was bearing towards their goal. Bikey had already made several rash challenges on Torres, Gerrard, Alonso earlier in the match.

In the final minutes before the end, Reading had a claim for penalty when the ball hit Gerrard’s hand in the penalty box but in truth it was ball to hand and as Gerard’s hands were inwards covering his chest more than anything and the claims were rightly waved away. Seconds later, Hunt came close when Pepe Reina had trouble hold on to his shot. Pepe needed a second chance to hold on to the ball and the Spanish stopper quickly grabbed the ball with several Reading players bearing him down. Immediately after that, Gerrard was subbed by Hyypia to defend another Reading long ball into the Liverpool penalty area.

Hahnemann was instructed to go forward as a last throw of the dice for the freekick but it was cleared by the Liverpool defence and the ball duly landed on Alonso’s feet in the middle and Alonso tried one of his exquisite 70 yard shot from his own half with Hahnemann still behind him. Unfortunately for Alonso, his attempt landed several inches wide of goal. It would have been a fitting end to Alonso’s great day had that gone in after being restored to the team and becoming a father few days ago.

Liverpool: Reina, Arbeloa, Carragher, Skrtel, Aurelio, Alonso, Mascherano, Kuyt (Benayoun 80), Gerrard (Hyypia 90), Babel (Riise 83), Torres.
Subs Not Used: Itandje, Crouch.

Goals: Mascherano 19, Torres 48.

Reading: Hahnemann, Rosenior, Bikey, Ingimarsson, Shorey, Oster (Kebe 72), Harper, Matejovsky (Cisse 74), Hunt, Doyle, Long (Kitson 63).

Subs Not Used: Federici, Sonko.

Booked: Long, Ingimarsson, Matejovsky, Bikey, Cisse.

Goals: Matejovsky 5.

Att: 43,524

Referee: Andre Marriner (W Midlands).

Goal and Match Highlights

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

EPL Post Match Report: Inter Milan 0 VS Liverpool 1

Torres fires Liverpool through to seal England's clean sweep

Andy Hunter at the San Siro
Wednesday March 12, 2008
The Guardian

San Siro was deserted, blue and yellow ticker-tape strewn over its empty seats, save for 4,200 Liverpool supporters singing along with a Beatles number that blared from the loudspeakers and captured the occasion perfectly. "Get Back" they sang in unison with the city's other acclaimed export. Quite right, too. Rafael Benítez has taken Liverpool back to where they once belonged.

A third Champions League final in four seasons is on the horizon for the Spaniard as a relentless Liverpool, combined with a touch of excellence by Fernando Torres, made relatively light work of the supposed vengeful might of Internazionale. The clean sweep of four English clubs in the quarter-finals - a record for any nation in the competition - arrived with the cleanest of strikes from the formidable Spain international, and Liverpool march on as a team to be feared.

Roberto Mancini's men gave their all only for the wasteful front line of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Julio Cruz together with the 50th-minute dismissal of Nicolás Burdisso to deflate their chances of becoming the first team in 16 years of the Champions League to overturn a 2-0 first-leg deficit. Mancini later announced he will be quitting the job this summer.

For 43 years Liverpool have cursed a referee for depriving them of glory against Inter and no doubt the Italian champions will return the compliment now that the 1965 European Cup semi-final has been avenged. Inter played 100 minutes of this 180-minute tie with 10 men, Burdisso repeating the mistakes of the man he had replaced from the first leg, the suspended Marco Materazzi, but blaming officialdom is a diversionary tactic without merit.

Liverpool were the more disciplined, clinical and, it needs saying, professional side over the two encounters. With Torres as their spearhead they also carry a far greater threat than any of the Anfield sides that reached the finals in 2005 and 2007, and following his 26th goal of an outstanding debut season at the club, Moscow does not appear out of reach come May.

This was not the show of defiance that protected a slender lead with a goalless draw at Juventus in the quarter-finals three years ago but an effort that fulfilled Steven Gerrard's pre-match promise to "attack and kill the tie". True, Inter had five glorious chances to have transformed the outcome but ultimately Liverpool's progress was a straightforward exercise.

Against 11 men of Inter their hopes were initially in the balance. Whistling was incessant from all sides as the home fans, in common with the carabinieri and stewards outside, provided a hostile reception. Given the task in hand, the Champions League pedigree of the two sides and Inter's form since they succumbed with 10 men at Anfield, Mancini's team required all the advantages they could muster. But these were not enough.

Inter, their domestic supremacy again failing to translate on to a European stage, had won only once in four league games since the first leg. This performance, however, validated the excuse that the Italian champions had been focusing mind and body on the second encounter. Revenge and one final chance to save reputations made for a potent mix until Burdisso's lunge into Lucas Leiva turned his second yellow card of the night to red.

Key to Inter's initial transformation was the leadership of Javier Zanetti and an overdue display of intelligence, fight, but not finishing, from Ibrahimovic. The Sweden centre-forward made no secret of his disgust at being overlooked for the European Footballer of the Year awards last season when he would have been better advised to concentrate on his inconsistency in Europe.

Certainly Liverpool had seen no reason to fear him beforehand, but he ended his torpor last night to inspire a dominant first-half performance. Ibrahimovic should have inspired even more but two glaring misses, one when sent clean through by a Martin Skrtel miskick, drained confidence from the players in black and blue.

His profligacy was matched by Cruz, although credit belongs to José Reina for two of the three opportunities the Argentinian failed to convert. The Liverpool goalkeeper tipped a low drive away from his bottom corner, then reacted superbly when Cruz's backheel at the near post almost caught him wrong-footed.

Ryan Babel escaped a second booking for handball and Liverpool's attacking threat was sporadic until Burdisso gave the Norwegian referee, Tom Henning Ovrebo, no option but to produce a red card. The Milan side cursed their luck at the expense of the indiscipline that had undermined them in both legs, but still they could have unnerved Liverpool but Ibrahimovic shot wide when one-on-one with Reina. There and then the tie was settled, and a comfort zone descended on Liverpool when Fabio Aurelio intercepted on the left and found Torres lurking on the edge of the area. With a swift touch, turn and drive into the bottom corner, Liverpool had dispatched formidable opponents with a minimum of fuss again.

Torres ( 63' )

Inter Milan:
Soares de Espindola Julio Cesar, Nicolas Andres Burdisso, Cristian Chivu, Douglas Sisenando Maicon, Nelson Lopez Rivas, Javier Zanetti, Esteban Matias Cambiasso, Dejan Stankovic (Luis Jimenez , 84 ), Patrick Vieira (Vitor Gomes Pele , 77 ), Julio Cruz, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (David Suazo , 80 )

Liverpool :
Jose Manuel Reina, Fabio Aurelio, Jamie Carragher, Sami Hyypia, Martin Skrtel, Steven Gerrard, Lucas Leiva, Javier Mascherano (Jermaine Pennant , 88 ), Ryan Babel (Yossi Benayoun , 61 ), Dirk Kuyt (John Arne Riise , 81 ), Fernando Torres

Tom Henning Ovrebo

San Siro

80 000

Man of the match:
Fernando Ttorres (Liverpool)

Inter Milan - 2
Liverpool - 4

Goal Attempts:
Inter Milan - 15
Liverpool - 8

On Target:
Inter Milan - 3
Liverpool - 5

Inter Milan: Burdiso ( 34 ) , Burdiso ( 50 ) , Rivas ( 59 ) , Stankovic ( 73 ) , Chivu ( 85 )
Liverpool: Babel ( 12 ) , Gerrard ( 47 ) , Aurelio ( 56 ) , Benayoun ( 74 )

Monday, March 10, 2008

Liverpool Football Club: Past, Present and Future by Michael Robinson

Thanks to a spanish fan, we are able to watch this interview between the past greats and present and future greats of Liverpool FC. This interview or program was hosted by Michael Robinson LFC 84-85.

The segment is in 3 parts with a joint interview with Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness, Sammy Lee with Fernando Torres, Alvaro Arbeloa, Pepe Reina and Michael Robinson hosting.

The documentary is in Spanish and comes with English subtitles! Enjoy!

Don't forget, the BIG REDs GAME coming up!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

EPL Post Match Report: Liverpool 3 VS Newcastle 0

Torres & Gerrard Inspires REDS to Fifth Straight Win

Jamie Jackson at Anfield
Sunday March 9, 2008
The Observer

An advance on third place for Liverpool, a further descent towards the Hades of relegation for Newcastle that is allowing Sam Allardyce's truncated reign on Tyneside to appear ever more successful. Whatever magic Kevin Keegan still possesses, he needs to start producing it. Two points from eight outings is a dire return, despite Arsenal, Manchester United and now Liverpool providing three of those opponents.

'I've just told them that I don't think the performance was good enough,' he said. 'But I do think, and the players do too, that we can stay up. Today needs to be put in perspective. Torres cost £20-odd million. It's not like when they paid £33,000 quid to Scunthorpe for me here. They weren't taking a chance - he is good.'

Rafael Benítez also talked glowingly of the Spanish striker and 'the understanding between him and Steven Gerrard. It can kill teams'. Both, until they were withdrawn, were excellent. And contributed goals that ensured Liverpool have 16 points from the last possible 18 - a run that keeps third place still a possibility.

Following consecutive Torres hat-tricks, Anfield had waited to see if Benítez dare do what was surely unthinkable - even for Mr Rotation - and rest the freshly crowned Premier League player of the month.

El Niño did indeed play, beginning this match just six short of Ruud van Nistelrooy's 24-strike mark for a foreign player in his debut season, despite the manager's selection policy. It is an effort that has already vindicated Benítez's decision - which he happily discussed in the build-up - to sign his countryman over former Reds favourite Michael Owen last summer.

That decision was a harsh yet hardly unrealistic sign of the footballing times the England striker is playing through. Now, with injuries having eaten away at the once so-blistering pace - and the ability to count on regular matches - it is doubtful if he will ever play again for an elite club.

Owen's opening contribution was to dump Martin Skrtel, but it was Torres who, predictably, went closest during a tedious opening half-hour. The 23-year-old was released down the right with open field ahead. His shot was whipped from a difficult angle. But Steve Harper still needed to save well - he did for Liverpool to claim their first corner.

That came to nothing. Both managers had lined their teams up in a 4-5-1. For Owen - watched by England coach Fabio Capello - it is a system that offers him few favours because alongside the fading pace, he is hardly the tallest. And when United put together the period's best move, after 16 minutes, the striker was not involved.

It was evidence of Newcastle's quality, though. Charles N'Zogbia surged to half-way, spun and fed Nicky Butt, who found James Milner with a clever ball over the winger's shoulder. Again, it ended in a corner, and amounted to nothing. As did the challenge by Abdoulaye Faye on Lucas inside the defender's area on the half-hour.

Mr Walton said no to the penalty. As he did minutes before the break when Steven Gerrard went down in the same area. Seconds later and Keegan suffered the only kind of luck on offer at the wrong end of the table. His left-back José Enrique turned to clear near his goal, but hit Jermaine Pennant. The ball looped back over him and beyond Harper.

One-nil and a wry shake of the Keegan head. Two minutes later, it was two. Gerrard hit a reverse pass with his left. Torres - who else? - allowed the ball to run across him. Then he pulled the trigger.

Keegan's misery needed just six minutes of the restart to deepen. Lucas, who purred alongside Alonso at the base of midfield all afternoon, carried the ball forward. Gerrard waited smartly to time his run. Then the Liverpool skipper did his chances of continuing the international job little harm with a jinked finish that will have impressed Mr Capello.

Keegan, belatedly, introduced Obafemi Martins after 58 minutes. Now Owen had a partner. And the visitors had their nearest miss - Martins's swivel and crashing shot from 35 yards beat Jose Reina, but not the bar.

At that point there were still 20 minutes to go. But the afternoon now drifted to future thoughts. For Liverpool, it is Tuesday's visit to the San Siro and hopes of advancement to the Champions League quarter-finals.

For Keegan and his weary men and fans, Birmingham and Fulham await. If he is still without a Premier League win after those, it could be the start of the Third Exit for the messiah of the Black and White Toon.


Pennant (43') 1-0; Torres (45') 2-0; Gerrard (51') 3-0

Liverpool :
Jose Manuel Reina, Alvaro Arbeloa, Jamie Carragher, Martin Skrtel, Xabi Alonso, Yossi Benayoun, Steven Gerrard (Dirk Kuyt , 67 ), Lucas Leiva, Jermaine Pennant (Sami Hyypia , 79 ), John Arne Riise, Fernando Torres (Peter Crouch , 72 )

Newcastle :
Steve Harper, Habib Beye, Jose Sanchez Enrique, Steven Taylor, Nicky Butt, Abdoulaye Diagne-Faye, Damien Duff (Obafemi Martins , 58 ), James Milner (Njitap Geremi , 34 ), Charles N'Zogbia, Michael Owen, Alan Smith

Peter Walton



Man of the match:
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

Liverpool - 12
Newcastle - 8

Goal Attempts:
Liverpool - 15
Newcastle - 6

On Target:
Liverpool - 13
Newcastle - 4

Liverpool: Riise ( 25' )


Thursday, March 6, 2008

EPL Post Match Report: Liverpool 4 VS West Ham 0

Fernando Torres offers reminder of Liverpool’s potency with brilliant hat-trick
- Oliver Kay

source taken from

No matter what slurs and accusations may be thrown at Liverpool’s American owners for as long as they retain a grip on this “wonderful franchise”, they will always lay claim to delivering Fernando Torres to Merseyside and for that, at least, his adoring public should be thankful. Whether or not the owners actually dipped into their own pockets to do so remains a matter of dispute, but that investment has more than paid off over the course of a season in which Torres has led the club’s crusade to qualify for next season’s Champions League.

Torres missed training on Tuesday with a stomach bug, but there could be no better pick-me-up than a hat-trick, his second in successive appearances at Anfield, as Liverpool reclaimed fourth place in the Barclays Premier League from Everton with a resounding victory. Admittedly it came against an out-of-sorts West Ham United team who lost by the same scoreline to Chelsea four days earlier, with Alan Curbishley facing growing displeasure from their supporters, but Liverpool’s fourth consecutive win in all competitions was achieved in a manner that increased confidence in advance of tougher examinations against Inter Milan, Manchester United, Everton and Arsenal in the next 4½ weeks.

Steven Gerrard was in fine form, running the game from the role he has been enjoying just behind Torres. His presence allowed Liverpool to set a tempo that West Ham struggled to live with for the first half-hour, the visiting defence at times creaking under the pressure. Lucas Neill, the captain, did not look like the defender whom Rafael BenÍtez, the Liverpool manager, spent so long trying to sign from Blackburn Rovers last season as he strived to contain the unpredictable – if occasionally misguided – threat of Ryan Babel on the Liverpool left.

The opening goal, though, came from the right-hand side, with Dirk Kuyt sending in a routine-looking cross that Anton Ferdinand seemed well placed to deal with. There was the slightest hint of a deflection, but, if that was what threw Ferdinand, there was no faulting the reactions of Torres, who sent a right-foot shot across the goalkeeper and into the bottom corner of the goal.

Liverpool could have added to that lead before the interval, particularly from set-pieces. Jamie Carragher was twice surprised to find himself in space at the far post, while Martin Skrtel sent a header just over the crossbar. Between times Gerrard, at full stretch, had a shot well saved by Robert Green.

West Ham did not convince as a defensive unit, but they had the odd moment going forward. Shortly after the opening goal, a pass by Hayden Mullins sent LuÍs Boa Morte clear of the offside trap and around José Manuel Reina, but the forward’s cross-shot, sent in the vague direction of Carlton Cole, was intercepted smartly by Álvaro Arbeloa. That might have been seen as encouragement enough for Curbishley to stick to Plan A, but not the West Ham supporters. “Two up front,” they began to chant just before Torres’s second goal. Then came “You don’t know what you’re doing,” as he brought on Jonathan Spector, and, most damningly perhaps, “It’s just like watching Charlton.”

It was West Ham’s misfortune to be faced with a centre forward in such marvellous form, but they could hardly claim to have made life difficult for him. Torres scored his second goal just after the hour, rising unchallenged to head home another cross from Kuyt after the visiting defence failed to clear a corner by Gerrard. Six minutes later, stooping low to reach Gerrard’s cross, he headed against the inside of the post.

The hat-trick seemed inevitable and so it proved, Torres wriggling past another weak challenge from Neill and stroking home a right-foot shot with which Green might have done better.

He swiftly made his departure, leaving Gerrard to put the icing on the cake with a spectacular fourth goal moments later. The only blot on Liverpool’s evening was an injury to Javier Mascherano, the former West Ham midfield player, who limped off near the finish after being caught by a late tackle from Mark Noble.

Liverpool (4-2-3-1): J M Reina – Á Arbeloa, J Carragher, M Skrtel, J A Riise – X Alonso, J Mascherano – D Kuyt (sub: Y Benayoun, 63min), S Gerrard, R Babel (sub: J Pennant, 76) – F Torres (sub: P Crouch, 82). Substitutes not used: C Itandje, S Hyypia.

West Ham United (4-1-4-1): R Green – L Neill, A Ferdinand, M Upson (sub: J Spector, 63), G McCartney – H Mullins – F Ljungberg, N Solano (sub: D Ashton, 69), M Noble, L Boa Morte – C Cole (sub: R Zamora, 69). Substitutes not used: R Wright, J Paintsil. Booked: Cole, Neill, Noble.

Referee: S Bennett.

Goal Highlights:

Come one Come all this SATURDAY, GAME AGAINST the TOONS of Newcastle @ the M Bar @ 10:55PM!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MyRAWK Futsal

For all MyRAWK Futsalites,

A big major thanks for turning up for the futsal friendly and making it a fun filled affair. Chris, our new 'mascot', had a credible outing too. Hope to see more of her and maybe try ur best to rope in some friends for a cheerleading troupe. ;)

The sweet one on the extreme left is our mascot Chris!

It was proposed that next month's friendly is to be held in Klang again and then followed by seafood dinner and the customary flower juice. I hope everyone is ok with it and join in the affair.

Thereafter, we may be exploring other futsal venues like 1-U, Sports Unlimited etc etc. Also, the sessions will be extended by another half hour and we'll be playing 2.5 hours so that we can fit and play all the games on schedule. Apologies to the Milan team as since we ran out of time, they played 1 game less and so did we.

So, next up should be 29th Mar, c u guys then and YNWA....

Tony T
Vice President
Malaysian RED and WHITE KOP (MyRAWK)

Monday, March 3, 2008

EPL Post Match Report: Bolton 1 VS Liverpool 3

Andy Hunter at the Reebok Stadium
Monday March 3, 2008
The Guardian

It was on the eve of a do-or-die Champions League group tie against Olympiakos in 2004 that Steven Gerrard delivered his most infamous clarion call to Liverpool, accusing the club of broken promises and threatening to leave before guiding the team to qualification and ultimately the miracle in Istanbul. Last week's admission of embarrassment at the league table was tame by comparison and different in where the captain laid blame. But the reaction was the same - an identical scoreline that gives Rafael Benítez hope of a continued run among the European elite.

Liverpool's first league victory at Bolton since 2002, and their manager's first in four trips to the Reebok, brought only temporary enjoyment of the fourth place - Everton's defeat of Portsmouth took them three points clear again - the club financially requires but the response to Gerrard's criticism indicated a few truths had hit home. Here was a routine win delivered with a minimum of fuss from a team with a settled core, the lack of which had prompted the accusation that the squad was underachieving rather than, as he claimed three seasons ago, under-resourced.

"You need to do that sometimes when you are captain," Gerrard said yesterday. "It was not a negative rallying call but a positive one, because this club is used to big performances and big wins." Another at home to West Ham on Wednesday will draw Liverpool level with their Merseyside rivals and a sustained run of this form - this was their finest league display of 2008 - will place formidable pressure on David Moyes' side. "We have a game in hand and so fourth place depends on us," said Benítez. "It is in our own hands."

If only, cursed Gary Megson and Bolton, the same were true of Jussi Jaaskelainen.The precious breakthrough for Liverpool yesterday was blessed with fortune but said more about the weaknesses inherent in Bolton, who had made a dominant start, striking the crossbar through an El Hadji Diouf free-kick and missing a glorious chance when he failed to convert a Joey O'Brien header two yards from goal. Then, precisely as they had done having equalised and taken the upper hand at Blackburn last Sunday, Bolton self-destructed.

A calamitous moment for Jaaskelainen would never have occurred but for a loss of possession by Joey O'Brien, although the slapstick truly arrived once Ryan Babel fed Gerrard and the captain let fly from 20 yards. His angled shot was sailing wide and yet the goalkeeper elected to make the save, a decision that veered from unnecessary to disastrous as the ball spun through the Finn's grasp and on to his head, back over his body and bounced over the line. Gerrard could not hide his embarrassment as he cavorted in celebration.

"Jussi is a great keeper but he has held his hands up and admitted his mistake for that one," said the Bolton manager. "It meant we had to try and force an equaliser rather than play our natural game. In any game the first goal is so important but especially against Liverpool. They have taken the lead 15 times in the league this season, winning 10 and drawing five."

In response Bolton threatened in the air only to find Sami Hyypia commanding and Martin Skrtel equally forceful as the signing from Zenit St Petersburg acclimatises to the Premier League. An outstanding one-handed save from José Reina to deny Kevin Davies on the line, however, served to extract hope from Bolton and Benítez's team, far more composed on the ball, eased towards a valuable three points.

The Liverpool manager's favoured formation of recent weeks, Fernando Torres supported by three playing off him, is made for away days when the home side has to chase the game, and the visitors sliced through the Bolton defence at will. The right-back Gretar Steinsson was forced off with a thigh strain but his departure was also a damage-limitation exercise such was his inability to contain Babel.

The Holland international has made a fluctuating start to his Liverpool career, combining touches of sublime skill with a tendency to vanish. Here was an audition from a player of genuine potential, though, one with all the physical attributes required of a leading forward in his first

90-minute league outing for the club. Babel was foiled twice by Jaaskelainen before he made the game safe on the hour, converting inside the near post after Dirk Kuyt had swept a Jamie Carragher cross on to a post and Gary Cahill failed to clear.

He also squandered an invitation for a second in stoppage time, though by then Fabio Aurelio had volleyed his first Liverpool goal and Bolton's substitute Tamir Cohen had provided minimal consolation with a header from Matt Taylor's corner. "Ryan did OK," remarked Benítez, straight-batting reports he is to be offered an extension to his contract while claiming that "some people have been talking".


Bolton boss Gary Megson:
"We did well initially. The goal took the wind out of our sails a little bit.

"We had to change and got caught trying to go forward.

"If we feel sorry for ourselves then we will sink but if we roll our sleeves up we will get out of this trouble."

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez:
"It was a good game and great performance of the team. We worked hard, played well and created chances so I am pleased.

"We had some problems at free-kicks but after this we controlled the game.

"We were trying to pass the ball and go forward and we had two or three clear chances. The idea was to have a good game and get the three points."


Jaaskelainen OG (12') 0-1; Babel (60) 0-2; Aurelio (75) 0-3; Cohen (79) 1-3.

Jussi Jaaskelainen, Gary Cahill, Andy O'Brien, A, Joey O'Brien, J, Gretar Steinsson (Grzegorz Rasiak , 42), Ricardo Gardner, Ramos Ivan Campo, Kevin Nolan (Tamir Cohen , 45 ), Matt Taylor, Kevin Davies, El Hadji Diouf

Liverpool :
Jose Manuel Reina, Fabio Aurelio, Jamie Carragher, Sami Hyypia, Martin Skrtel, Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard, Javier Mascherano, Ryan Babel, Dirk Kuyt (Alvaro Arbeloa , 86 ), Fernando Torres (John Arne Riise , 78 )

Phil Dowd (Staffordshire)

Reebok Stadium


Man of the match:
Ryan Babel (Liverpool)

Bolton - 3
Liverpool - 10

Goal Attempts:
Bolton - 8
Liverpool - 12

On Target:
Bolton - 2
Liverpool - 9

Bolton: Rasiak ( 45 ) , Davies ( 89)
Liverpool: Hyypia ( 35 )